Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pulled - Amy Lichtenhan

I read this book in two days.

{I probably could have read it in less, but I didn't want it to end!}

There are two, three reasons why I read this book so fast.

One being:  IT.  WAS.  GOOD.

Second being:  I know the author!  Yes - it's true.  I went to high school with her.  :)

The last reason being:  I was just so compelled to see what happened to the main characters in this book that I needed to read just the beginning of the next chapter for a bit of resolution.  Well, I couldn't read JUST the beginning.....  COMPELLED

I guess that last reason is much like the first.  So?

Pulled was a wonderfully woven story about two young lovers who's lives are torn apart at the seams when they lose their baby girl, neither one of them understanding what or who is tearing them apart.  Nine years passes them by and suddenly they are thrown back together at a chance encounter.  What happened nine years ago that separated them?  What will happen now?  So much time has passed.  So much has happened.  Daniel and Melanie seem worlds apart, but their hearts are still in tune.

I love how Amy was able to flip back and forth seamlessly not only between the past and the present, but also between characters.  It was nice to be able to share the view of both protagonists.  The story was crisp, clear and left no holes or questions.  I suppose it was a bit predictable, but I find that reassuring and "natural" in a romance novel.  It wasn't a contrived storyline, but flowed through the details with ease.

I did find myself with tears on occassion, but not in the parts you would assume.  Yes, there are some tear-jerker moments, but I tend to cry with joy at the happy parts more often.  I rejoiced with the good times and pouted during the bad.  But I could tell that the book would have a positive ending.  I LOVE THAT.  I read so many books that may or may not end the way I want them to.  I'll still read them, but - like I said - I pout.

I'm all about the happy ending these days.

For a novice writer, Amy took me on a vacation for a couple of days.  When a book holds me to it even when I'm not reading it, it's a darn good book in my mind.  I can't tell if it's because I know the author and was just so stinkin' excited to read something she wrote or if she just wrote a good story.  Aw heck.  Who am I kidding?!  I thought it was a wonderful story and would have read it REGARDLESS of my familiarity with the person who penned it.

But I do know this book isn't for everyone.  I stated to my hubby when I finished it that every husband should read a romance novel.  Hee!  But - he won't.  Most guys won't, I suppose.  But it would be good for them.  Get some romance flowin' in their relationship.  And I know that some women don't even like a good romance novel.  That's okay.  This isn't for you, either.  But those of you that dig chick lit or some schmoopiness (yes, that's a word) in your life, grab this book.  SWEET, sweet book.

(5 stars, OF COURSE!)


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