Friday, April 29, 2011

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels - Ree Drummond

Well, we all know The Pioneer Woman has mad skills in the kitchen.  She rocks the blogging world with her quick wit, sassy and spectacular photography and wonderfully-woven words.  And now she comes to the publishing world with a terrific novel about how she and Marlboro Man met, hooked up and handled the trials and tribulations of LIFE in the first year of their marriage.

And it's FUN!

I loved reading this book.  It was a total pleasure to read!  Just like reading her blog.  She spins a story like no other, and since her story is true, it makes it that much more interesting to read.  It's funny, heart-warming, steamy and real.  Did I mention funny?

Go through the twists, turns and detours of Ree Drummond's life as if you're her best friend and confidant.  You'll giggle when she meets Marlboro Man, cry when she is struggling over her parent's issues, laugh when she has multiple mishaps during the courtship and hold the book tightly as she adjusts to life on a cattle ranch.  I know she has more wonderful stories to share (she has four kids for goodness sake!), so I hope there is more where this book came from.  

I absolutely loved Marlboro Man's reaction to everything.  Now maybe this is a biased view coming from a woman who absolutely adores her husband (as it should be), but it's not unbelievable.  Marlboro Man (and, no, she never once called him by his real name) has the kind of spirit that we all want in our partner.  He is forgiving, understanding, warm and unconditional.  He never once falters from his "heroic" demeanor, but he isn't about bravado or conceit.  However, neither is Ree.  They seem genuine (she's awfully hard on herself, though!) and real.   

I really did want the story to continue.  I wanted to hear about all the other babies being born.  About how she really got into cooking.  I really wanted to hear about how she adjusted to the early morning hours of a cattle rancher's wife.  And I wanted to hear how Charlie (her basset hound) came into the picture.  :)  Sweet lady.  Sweet story.  BOOK TWO, please!

Until then, I'll keep readin' her blog. :)

I would recommend this book to all you gals out there that want a light-hearted romance with some true depth when it comes to matters of the heart.  It's not a complex storyline.  There isn't any deep moral to the story or contrived twist of plot.  It's simple, straight to the heart and good.  Period.

(4 stars) 

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