Friday, October 29, 2010

The Hunger Games trilogy - Suzanne Collins

To read or not to read......?  That WAS the question.  I like young adult fiction, but was thinking "uh, apocalyptic.......uh........"  Just didn't seem like the book(s) for me.  But, BOY, was I sucked in FAST!  I couldn't put the first one down due to the never-ending supply of cliff-hangers!

The Hunger Games
Catching Fire

These books were certainly entertaining, but were surprisingly violent.  I don't mind that fact TOO much, but this book was about KIDS and that bothered me a bit.  But I read books that are fiction AS I just swallowed that fact and pushed onwards.

Like I said - cliff-hangers are a killer.

And each chapter in all the books kept me wanting to read more....and more and more!!

So, even though they REALLY reminded me (at first) of the City of Ember books (which I only liked a little and only the first one), I just thoroughly enjoyed them.  The characters were inspiring, strong, courageous and lovable.  Collins did a wonderful job at letting you see the heart of each one without giving away the continuous twists and turns of the plot.  Katniss, Gale, Prim, Peeta, Rue, Cinna, and even Haymitch......... Well, they all became my "friends."  I LOVE that when that happens.  When I feel like I know the people. 

The politics of the book really put me on edge.  Scares me to think that our world could become that....who knows.  What we know of North America is divided into districts and "The Capital" is in control.  SERIOUSLY in control.  Each district is ruled over with unfairness, held in poverty and famine, while The Capital gains all the goods.  So - of course - the districts eventually rebel.  This takes place over the three books, starting very slowly and building up to Mockingjay (the third book).  While The Hunger Games is character building, exciting and gives you the basic picture of this futuristic America, each book follows suit with a little bit more information on what the big picture really looks like.

Whoooooooo would like these bookies?!?  Hm.  Well, my neighbor friend (a freshman in high school) LOVED them.  Her mom did, too.  Like I said, they are VERY entertaining for those of you that like that fantasy, futuristic edge to a book.  I'm usually not a huge fan, but the warmth of the characters in this book helped me tremendously.  I HAD to know what happened to them next!  And it's sad.  Pretty darn sad at times.  I said there is a lot of violence.   Well, there is.  And characters you love die.  I won't spoil it too much, but if you read it, know that just because it's "youth fiction" doesn't mean you won't be protected by mushy, sweet, careful writing.  Ya know what I mean?  It's still pretty "pure" as far as fiction goes, but.....not entirely.

****SPOILER ALERT!******

The only thing that really bugged me, to be honest with ya'll, is that the end was a bit anti-climactic.  Collins had all these twists and turns and events that caught you by surprise, but the one thing that you knew from the get-go was that Katniss did everything she did for Prim.  She takes Prim's place right from the start to protect her sister.  And then (I'll tread cautiously here, but don't read if you plan on reading the book) the stuff with Prim happens at the end and it's like "okay.  We can end the book now."  I still loved the books, but I guess I expected more from the end.  A triumph.  A WIN!  Instead, life changed, but just kinda.....went on.  Okay.  The End.

But with all that said - I enjoyed these reads.  I miss my friends all ready.

(4 stars)

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