Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Blind Side - Michael Lewis

Well, I've raved and raved about a couple books now.  I've said all the positive things I could about the last few books I've read.  I guess it's time to slip in a negative. 

Being an avid reader, but not a literary critic, give me some breathing room here.  The Blind Side wasn't a BAD book, per se.  I didn't find the writing to be horrible.  The truth be told, I skimmed this book so fast, I can't really tell you if the writing itself was good or bad.  Just boring.

But before you jump all over me because I just said a book (that you may possibly love!) is boring, I gotta explain that I just do NOT like football.  I hardly ever watch a game, and if I do I prefer it to be in person because there are a lot more exciting things going on than the game itself.  I don't HATE football, I just don't like it.  I don't get it.  I don't care to get it.  Give me another game.  Basketball?  Baseball?  Soccer?  Yeah - I'll take those. 

And I KNOW this book was all about football.  I know because I saw the movie.  I know because I understand it's based on a true story.  I know all that and thought that I'd fall in love with the characters.

Nope.  Don't even feel like I know them at all after reading a whole book about 'em.

So, I can't give The Blind Side a very good review.  But YOU might be able to.  Do you love football?  Do you give a flip about the right tackle or the quarterback or the.....whatever?  Then read this.  If you like the recruiting stories, the competition and the challenge of getting just that right guy to play football at your college?  Then read this. 

If you're looking for depth of character, particularly one that has had a horrible upbringing and is graciously "saved" by a white-collar, wealthy family that you'd think, in essence, would look the other way?  Don't read this.  Watch the movie.

And I NEVER say that.

(two stars)

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