Monday, June 21, 2010

So many books, so little time!

I love books.  I am obsessed with books.  I think about buying books like lots of women think about buying clothes.....or shoes!  I spend A LOT of my money on books.  YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY BOOKS!

With that said, I thought I would start a little blog (probably not updated a ton) about the books I've read, am reading or will hopefully read someday.  Again - so many books, so little time.

I probably shouldn't admit this right outta the gate, but I write down all the books I've bought (yes, I DO know about libraries) and scratch them off as I read them.  About once a year or so, I revamp my list.  I create a new list with the books I own that I haven't read and add the ones I've read to another list.  I'm not necessarily a list maker for anything else.  Just. My. Books.

My list is up to 154 books.  That doesn't count the ones I've crossed off though.  Nor does it count the ones I've bought, read and added to the "read" list before re-doing my "to-read" list again.  So, I guess not only are books my obsession, but keeping track of my books has become somewhat of one, too.

I am a self-diagnosed "book freak," and I'm not ashamed of it.  And I don't want help with it.  I'm just sayin'.

So, here I will record my own OPINION of the books I've read.  I know everyone has different tastes - especially in literature - and will have entirely different (or sometimes similar) opinions of the books I will write about.  I'm not here to pass judgment on authors or books that aren't necessarily in the genre I prefer, so I hope that you won't pass judgment on ME and my views.  I'll always stay polite (unless a book STINKS).  I will try to avoid spoilers (unless we get a discussion going in the "comments" section).  I will have a vast array of genres ('cause that's what I like - variety).  I will try to post as I finish a book (which could very well be sporadic.)

I hope you join in.  I really, truly do.  I love a good book discussion almost more than I love my own kids. (I'm teasing, really!)  I share my books because I want others to enjoy them as much as I do (just don't dog-ear my pages, please!).  And if you want to SUGGEST any books to me, please be warned.  I WILL go out and buy it - or put it on my wish list at Amazon!

With ALLLLLL of that said, I'm no literary genius.  I don't have a degree in English or Literature or anything special like that.  In fact, I'm probably not the best writer of reviews, either.  But I'm a busy mom who loves to read when she can.

So, "follow" me as I go on this journey (less damaging than dog-earring pages, that's for sure) and add your two cents.  Just don't read the end before you get there. ;-)

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